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Report co-written with Alix Partners based on Darwin X Data & AI Index.               
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CPG Index

Data & AI workforce Index for CPG Leaders

Our Data & AI workforce index for CPG leaders measures the relative strength of Data & AI talent pools for 65 consumer packaged goods companies. The index follows a 100-points rating scale.

As of December 2023


Companies across Beauty, Beverage, Clothing, Food, Household, Luxury and Tabacco

3.3 M

Employees representing the total combined workforce of these companies

0.5 %

Share of all Data & AI talent pools among this total workforce


Companies across Beverage, Beauty, Clothing & Accessories, Food, Luxury…

0.5 %

Share of Data & AI talent pools within total worforce

3.3 M

Total workforce of the 70 companies


Talents pools scanned

We are scanning talent pools across 4 categories :


These jobs equip a company with the ability to make sense of data through performance dashboards, data visualisation and ad-hoc analysis to produce new insights and improve decision making across all business functions


These jobs equip a company with the ability to build and operate a proper data infrastructure: feeding from internal systems and external data sources, refining raw data into quality data sets, storing and distributing clean “data products” to data consumers, i.e. data analysts, data scientists, AI/ML engineers


These jobs equip a company with the ability to produce new insights from data science, i.e. advanced analytics leveraging complex statistics and mathematics


These jobs equip a company with the ability to build and operate Artificial Intelligence solutions. Fields of application include AI perception (e.g. Computer Vision, Speech Recognition), Language (e.g. Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models), Learning (e.g. Supervised, Reinforcement, Deep Learning)

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